Optimal Lifestyle Network is a network of allied health professionals who focus on individual, family and group therapy to develop the fundamental learning and behavioural skills for healthy independent living.

Optimal Lifestyle Network tailors its services to address the individual needs of our clients.

Services can include:

Assessment and Evaluation

The client’s needs are thoroughly assessed in the context of their life and environments with which they operate.

Recommendations and Development of Plan

Following assessment, consultation occurs during which a plan is developed and follow up is negotiated.

Treatment / Intervention

Implementation of this plan may take place in range of settings to support adaptation and attainment of goals.

Intervention may involve:

Individual/Group therapy
Education and consultation
Resource provision
Environmental adaptation
Monitoring, review and follow up as required

Optimal Lifestyle Network can offer Occupational Therapy services directly and has the ability to network with other health professionals as required.

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